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Your Solstice Cam will use a DHCP reservation to obtain an IP address during setup. If you are experiencing issues during the camera’s configuration your network administrator may have MAC address restrictions on your network for security purposes. If this is the case please send a request to your network administrator along with the MAC address of your camera which you can find laser etched on the bottom of your Solstice Cam (more info here).

Example Solstice Cam MAC Address: C0A39E0A2148

Solstice Cam requires a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Connection with a WPA/WPA2 security protocol – Solstice cannot currently be connected to a 5GHz network.

Our easy to use app walks you through the entire process.

Solstice Cam is portable, if you wish to hard-mount please see the quick guide.

Live video can be viewed through your Solstice Cam mobile application, secure Control Center 8 website, or via a public page if you elected to set this up during camera setup.

You can share your Solstice Cam through the Public Management tool on your Control Center 8 or with the public page generated during your camera’s initial setup.

To improve WiFi connectivity you should make sure you have clear line of sight between the network source (wireless AP or Router) and your Solstice Cam.

Extended-Range WiFi Routers

  • Synology RT2600ac - up to 400 ft.
  • Ubiquity AC Pro - up to 300 ft.
  • Netgear NightHawk AC1900 - up to 275 ft.

If your camera has disconnected from your WiFi network ensure your network is accessible and that the camera is powered on. Check the device to ensure its within your router’s recommended range.

Solstice Cam’s internal battery charges within about 7 hours with the included indoor AC charger.

In most conditions Solstice Cam’s battery will last 5 days. (Connect solar panel or outdoor AC power supply for longer-term projects).

Reconfiguring your Solstice Cam for a new project is as simple as running the initial activation, this reactivation process will create a new project and begin a new time-lapse movie.

A new project for your Solstice Cam will be automatically created during the activation process, you will be prompted to give a name and location of this new project during camera activation.

You can reset your password via the Control Center 8 login page, at the bottom of the screen there is a link titled Forgot Your Password?

Yes, Solstice Cam is constantly recording at all times.

A 4G router with WiFi Bridge can be used.

Solstice Cam is an ideal for such conditions, offering a long-lasting battery and onboard video storage. Video can be uploaded later, once WiFi becomes available again. WiFi and an Internet connection will be required for initial configuration and setup.

Images will upload once connectivity is restored and time-lapse creation will resume.

Green = Camera ON

Yellow = Camera ON and Charging

Red = Camera OFF

Solstice Cam does not require a static IP address, but you may use one if preferred.

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